Modern day humans feel and see their body and the world around them quite differently to other animals. We have changed animal behaviour and their way of being in the world, with our new understanding of life. Our modern training of focussed selective attention, with its brilliant ability to handle abstract thinking, has completely overwhelmed our original feeling for life, we have to fight for survival in a completely different way.

We'd have imagined by adding abstract thought to our basic sensory abilities, we would be far more successful than other animals. For a short three million years it seemed to be working out well. But recently, suddenly, we have developed enough nuclear bombs to destroy all life on the planet, and with an ever increasing variety of methods, we are destroying animal species, our environment and ourselves.

And simultaneously - and i believe this is more than just a coincidence - we have lost the basic animal talent, for the balanced use of our sensory abilities.

In the modern world, we teach children to connect words and symbols and to develop their focussing abilties, concentration, memory and abstract thought, at an increasingly early age. But at the same time we are learning to neglect our broadband abilities at an increasingly early age. We are actively and directly undermining and overwhelming our broadband abilities before they have even started to develop.

Modern man has lost and we are ignoring, part of how we always sensed the world around us, part of how we managed to survive for millions of years.

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