New (and still developing) Version 2.0
April - August 2020

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Part 1
Introduction to Essays (66 words)

What is Broadband Sensing
Forgotten Unrealised Parts
Looking With Two Eyes

THE WHOLE PICTURE - (270 words)
Being Awake and Aware
The Whole Picture

THE MISSING LINKS - (761 words)
The Basic Misconception that the Senses lead to Worldly Desire
Listening out and Nowness
How to be Now
How to Neutralise the Self Perpetuating Thoughts

The Limitations of Focussing on the present moment - secondary - clear

and now i feel it's time for you to start doing it, - either what you imagine it feels like for animals (or babies) - (or maybe autists) - or read the following practical exercises - and once you even start to try it - then i'd love to discuss with you, what YOU think happens. So please Contact Me

Going Broadband - 229 words
Listening - 750
Seeing - 889
Seeing with closed eyes - 303
The Broadband Method - 238
(Extra Seeing Exercises)

Body and Breathing - 921
How to Doze Creatively - Phase One - 843
(Extra Body and Breath Exercises)

The First Individual Benefits
The Benefits - short version 100 words essential - 574 words - clear
Making Life Safe - 417 words - a theory - good
Common to all Creatures and People Of All Cultures
- 303 words - a sort of first conclusion

Cultural - explanation of basic human individual and cultural problems and solutions
There is no Name for this obvious fact of life - 250 words
One Sided Learning - 122 words - the basis of modern problems
The Balance - 215 words
The Amazing Development of Focussing - 2524 words - explanation of basic human situation
Beliefs and their Confirmation
- 575 - central ideas - summary
It's not our Selfish Ego, it's Displacement Activity - 390 - central ideas - conclusion

Empathy with Animals
Animal Identity - 903 words developing
The Navigator's Triangulation Points - 330 words clear
Herd Behaviour - ca.250 words developing
Long term Solutions and Questions for Children - ca. 500 words developing but clear

Examples of Broadband Sensing in Animals
Abstract and Summary from version 1.0 - still a very good rational approach (836 words) from March
Special Cases : Autism and ADHS - 90 words

Short Ideas - complete in themsleves
Evolution of the Human Body - 141 words - extract from Body and Breathing
Sense of Smell and Animal Rights - 146 words - extract from Savouring Scents
Animal Rights and Modern Stress - 178 words - extract from Animal Identity

---- AND STOP HERE --- go back and start doing it ! - the following is all non-essential for beginners

Practical Exercises Continued
Mindfulness of Breathing and the Sense of Smell - 177 - clear
Taste and Smell - clear
Humming - clear
Savouring Scents - How to Doze Phase Two - clear
(Extra Taste Smell Exercises)

The different forms of awareness - almost clear
How to Doze Phase Three - messy but interesting

God Section
Introduction to God Section - 65 words - absolutely essential
Openness, Love, Empathy and Broadbanding - 236 words
Is there a God? - 563
The Value of Focussing on God - 187 words good short
The Basic Misconception that the Senses lead to Worldly Desire - 274 (repeated from part 1)
Ignore the Monkey - Tame the Hedgehog - 157 words
Why it's so difficult to find God - 1,531 words good, still being written at the end
Buddhism and Wheels - 134
Buddhism and Repetitions - 132
Buddha's Universal Message - 175
Buddhism and The Middle Way - 146

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(The full, maybe long-winded, hopefully rational version 1.0 from March)
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