The gentle way to change the world

Animals have two ways of using their senses, focussed and broadband.
Focussing is for doing and getting.
Broadband sensing is for being on the look out.
Broadband sensing is a vital part of the original way of staying alive.
It's another way of experiencing and understanding life.

SUMMARY - 190 words

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Introduction to Essays (91 words)

Chapter One - The Individual Usage and Effects
Part of Life's Balance
Going Broadband
Focussing Separates, Broadbanding Integrates

Listening out and Nowness
How to be Now
How to Neutralise the Self Perpetuating Thoughts
The Benefits
Common to All People of all Cultures

Additional Introductory Ideas
Our Culture has No Name for this Way of Sensing - 148 short version - 239 long
Making Life Safe - 417 words
Human vs. Animal Balance - 340 words
Animal Identity - 570 words
The Benefits - long version - 632 words
Special Cases : Autism etc. - 90 words

Chapter Two - Seeing and Listening
Going Broadband - 386 words - essential introduction
Listening - 817
Seeing - 870 Seeing with Closed Eyes - 303
Seeing Phase Two

Body and Breathing - 910
How to Doze - Phase One - 856
Chapter Three - Cultural Problems and Solutions - theory - open to discussion
Anthropological Timeline - 547 - optional
THE MODERN HUMAN ANIMAL - 265 words - essential introduction
BELIEFS AND THEIR CONFIRMATION - 1985 words - long but worth reading
Habitual Ruts
Beliefs and their Confirmation
The Lack of Mutual Confirmation
It's NOT Our Selfish Ego, it's a Response to Insecurity
This New Perspective
Herd Behaviour
The Amazing Development of Focussing - 2185 words - background explanation

Animals in the Modern World - 198 words

The Navigators Triangulation Points
Long Term Solutions
Questions and Games for Children - 730 words

and now i feel it's time for you to start doing it, - either what you imagine it feels like for animals (or babies) - (or maybe autists) - or read the practical exercises - and once you even start to try it - then i'd love to discuss with you, what YOU think happens. So please
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