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A Common Denominator Among All People Of All Cultures

Focussing is useful, practical and natural with anything you want. And focussing is indispensible for achieving any higher goal in life.

Humans have forgotten the broadband mode. The original practical use of broadband sensing is obsolete and redundant. Our ancestors fears and daily insecurity have been overcome. There is no need to be on the watch, or ready to be watchful all the time, as animals need to be, to survive.

But animals don't merely secure their physical survival by broadbanding. Broadbanding is an attitude to life, it's a way to be, and this experience has psychological consequences. It opens up another dimension of an individuals relationship with the world, of feeling part of the whole.

It is everything one could expect from a new perspective on life - It's another way of experiencing and feeling. And as any new perspective would, it opens new possibilities and potential.

It's a simple way of starting the 'oneness-process' in our present human condition - something reliable, easy and natural that anyone of any culture could do ... whatever their focussed beliefs.

People of all cultures have access to this elementary experience, it's in the human make up. It's not a new religion, it's a vital part of the original ancient way of being. It's a common denominator among all creatures and people of all cultures.

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