How to be

Examples of Broadband Sensing

Examples of how animals combine active focussed sensing by alternating it with broadband sensing; - and being passively broadband while dozing.

Just notice how any blackbird pulling at a worm, continually checks for predators. (watch for at least the first 25 seconds). I'm not suggesting we should nervously bob around with our heads, birds need to alternate quickly between these two modes of sensing to survive. And, they are so familiar with broadband sensing, that the second the head is up, is enough to be aware and awake to any danger.

Even when dozing, the hare turns his ears open for sounds, and sleeping birds have one eye open. And at least some dogs, sleeping by open windows, expand their nostrils when breathing in. Though not conclusive : if you expand the nostrils and breathe in without smelling, (i.e. warming and moistening the breath by its passage through the nasal canals), you will get a very sore throat.

Even in their passive state, animals maintain the balance, with a broadband awareness of the shadows, sounds and scents around them.

Apart from sleeping, humans have no everyday balance for all our focussing and thinking activities. Even in our passive state, we are usually focussing on something which entertains us.

We ignore our inborn ability to experience life from a broadband perspective. And so, we have lost evolution's original balance of life.

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