Ignore the Monkey, Tame the Hedgehog

Some religions try to outwit the focussing system, by focussing without intention and dispassionately. Others focus intensively on a higher universal energy, often using repetitive phrases or abstract rituals. Then there are some systems of meditation which i see as being associated with broadband sensing, these involve 'letting go' and 'waiting for God'.

I believe all of these spiritual ways can be effective. And i believe many people of faith and practice, experience mental effects which i could call broadband thinking; but most of these people, these disciples of the spirit, have a preconditioned belief that the senses lead to dukkha, (understood as suffering), or the devil. (See The Basic Misconception that the Senses lead to Worldly Desire). And so, from a broadband perspective, the problem is that in almost all of these, we close the windows and the eyes, focus on an image or internal mantra or prayer, listen for inner peace in the silence, and breath without smelling.

Animals don't close their eyes and ears in order to get things done. When they want something, they balance their focussing with broadbanding. Broadbanding is part of the mix.

What i'm suggesting is not a new religious way or form of yoga or meditation. It doesn't replace any focussed activity or any form of worship, it balances it.

We have lost this balance in life, in all that we do, including searching for Oneness or God. Let's ignore the monkey mind for a while, let's start by empathising with the horse, the hare, and the hedgehog.

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