I rather like the modern scientific idea : if there is nothingness for infinite eternities, sometime a singularity will occurr (bang), and then there's a chain reaction. This means we're all part of the same thing ... and this same thing i call the great creative spirit, it's the everything.

Because everything is in some way connected with everything else, the great energies somehow coordinate it all, and make sense of the big picture.

Common sense should tell us, that even though we can ask it for help anytime, - it can't take care of every individual part of the big picture, all the time.

Most religions acknowledge the mystical experience of oneness. Some maintain we can find it in this life.

Even if this is a delusion due to some form of schizophrenic intelligence, by all reports it feels wonderful, even ecstatic. Apparently it sometimes feels like emptiness, sometimes fullness, but always a sublime state of deep empathy with all living beings and even inanimate objects. The results of this experience are that it brings great peace, joy, love and understanding.

Various separate cultures have recorded this phenomenon. So by modern anthropolgical standards, the rumour must have some substance. What could this mysterious substance be? Is it worth reconsidering?

The (Apocryphal) Gospel of St. Thomas (44)
Jesus said, "Whoever blasphemes against the father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven either on earth or in heaven."

Our focussing systems need something to focus on, that's nature, so if there is an ultimate or eternal energy which makes sense of everything, it would be rather stupid of humans to ignore it. If we've nothing to focus on we get lost. If our eyes aren't looking where we're going, we bump into things.

And it's just nice to focus on things which do us good and make us happy. An eternal essence, a creative great spirit is ideal. And it's easy to do, because focussing and concentration are easy and natural with anything beautiful, creative or awesome.

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A Side Track
The historical personalised God image which Nietzschke destroyed, and Darwin's insights into evolution, are totally irrelevant to the great creative spirit.

Nowadays people are left with nothing to follow except Freud's ideas of a personal individual ego. Whether this ego has any actual substance or is purely abstract, is irrelevant, from a broadband perspective it is only another focal point, and it occurred as part of the chain reactions in the everything.

(note: Nietzschke, Freud and Darwin are my heroes, because they were rebels, with revolutionary extraordinary new ideas which were appropriate for that time ... but ...).

Nowadays people often see believing in God as rather stupid. Praying is just about ok, if you feel you need it, but having to rely on a great creative eternal spirit is a weakness. The point and aim of modern life is to be a self reliant confirmed individual.

If we don't have an admirable, awesome and hopefully good god, then we will inevitably end up worshipping our ideas, opinions and our ego. And this happens because our focussing systems are built that way. We only understand life in terms of focal points and we need something to focus on.

In modern life, many people live in a state of suffering. I believe release from suffering is comparitively easy, but trying to be an independant self sufficient ego is really tricky. In a herd there are only a few leaders, most follow. Every culture can only have a few heroes who have or appear to have, a culturally confirmed special and admirable ego.

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